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Hands-On Dulcimer - Developing Technique Through Exercises And Studies

175 pages, Item number 1301908DX, $27.99

This book is designed to help fretted dulcimer players at all levels grow in their technical abilities by developing strength, precision, control and flexibility in both the right and left hands. Acquiring a solid technical foundation provides a base upon which to build strong musicianship, enabling one to play more satisfying music regardless of style. You can explore flatpicking, fingerpicking, slurs, chords, strumming, left hand precision and placement, right hand strength and control, volume, tone, articulation, and more using both dulcimer tablature and standard music notation. In this book, Mike Casey has used ideas drawn from classical guitar study plus years of teaching dulcimer to develop exercises that will inspire and challenge players at all levels. The tunes and exercises are in the common dulcimer tuning of D-A-D, with a few exceptions. Some exercises are included for the four-string and five-string dulcimers, and a 6+ fret is required. The accompanying CD demonstrates key exercises and most of the tunes in the book.

Product Format: Instruction Book For Mountain Dulcimer

Publisher: This piece was published by Mel Bay Publications.

   This product has a difficulty rating of 2 on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being hardest.
   A CD is included with this book.
   Chord symbols are included in this book.
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